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How to deposit money with my bank card?

You can make a deposit to your trading account from your bank card easily using this service: BTCgoal.biz.
The following Bitcoin address was created for your trading account:
To top up this Bitcoin account please use BTCgoal.biz. All the money that you deposit to your Bitcoin account will be automatically credited to your trading account.
How to deposit money to your Bitcoin account using BTCgoal.biz.
Open the website BTCgoal.biz In the «Amount» field specify the amount that you want to deposit. In the field «Your Bitcoin Address» specify your Bitcoin address that you see above. After filling out the form click «Buy Bitcoins» button
At the next step please check all the details and if everything is correct click «Buy Bitcoins» button.
Then you will be redirected to the payment system website where you will need to specify your bank card details. Follow the instructions on the website. Money will be credited to your trading account once it is received to your Bitcoin address.